Orange County Realtors:
Don’t Throw Away Your Commissions

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If you are an Orange County real estate agent, then you probably cringe when you talk with a potential client who has a low budget for their home purchase. How do you usually handle a client with a budget in the range of $300,000 – $600,000? It might seem impossible to find a good home in Orange County with high quality construction for this price, and some real estate agents throw a potential commission away by not working with these types of clients.

Throwing Away Commissions

The truth is that there are a variety of high quality homes in Temecula that are priced as low as $300,000. In Orange County, homes are on average about 2 ½ times more expensive per square foot compared to Temecula, so it is easy to see why Temecula is a good option to consider if a client has a lower budget.

Many clients in this price range are very pleased with the types of homes that can be found in Temecula, but Orange County real estate agents are often less familiar with this area. It is smart to stay focused on your local area and service clients that are in your own back yard. But, don’t lose out on a potential referral commission!

Instead of leaving money on the table because you can’t help these clients, I invite you to contact me today. You don’t have to spend your time driving east because I am available to help these clients view homes that are in their price range.

Be the Real Estate Hero

It is possible to make your clients happy and be a hero to save the day. We offer a 30% referral commission program that you can take advantage of. It’s as simple as passing the lead to me, and I will do all the heavy lifting in Temecula. At the same time, you can still maintain the relationship with your client, so you can work with them again should they ever want to move back to your area.

I view this referral program as a partnership, so I will keep you in the loop at all times. Before you think about walking away from a client that may not meet your bottom criteria for a home budget, contact me and we can discuss the Temecula real estate options that are available. Feel free to call me anytime at: (951) 473-0390