Improving the Value of Your Home

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Are you getting ready to sell your home in Temecula, California? Right now is a great time in the Temecula real estate market, because there are many opportunities available as the population of the valley is growing and expanding. If you are planning to put your home on the real estate market in the near future, consider these options to improve the equity of your home:

Home Upgrades to Increase Selling PriceTemecula home value

With a few proactive steps, it is possible to boost the value of the property, which in turn will result in a higher price tag. A higher selling price means that you will have more money to roll into your next home! Here are some fixes that won’t break your budget:

  • Upgrade the Kitchen: Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, you need to make sure it shines! Replace the sink faucet, change out cabinet door handles, and refinish the cabinets to give the room a facelift.
  • Clean the Carpets: If you don’t want to spend money to replace the flooring, then you should hire a trusted carpet cleaning company to thoroughly clean the carpets.
  • Paint the Front Door: The entryway will set the first impression when a potential buyer visits your home. Make sure that the front door is clean and attractive. A quick coat of paint can go a long way to improve the appearance of the door.

Financial Strategies to Build Home Equity

There are also a few things that you can do with your mortgage to maximize your payments and increase the equity that is available when you sell:

  • Mortgage Payments: Pay a little extra on your mortgage every month, which will pay down the principle of the loan more quickly. The faster you pay it off, the less interest is paid. As a result, there is a bigger margin for profit when the home sells. You might consider shortening the mortgage term if it makes sense for your financial situation.
  • Don’t Take a 2nd Mortgage: Some people need access to money and they think that it’s a good idea to take a 2nd mortgage on their home. This balance will be deducted from the money that you receive when the home sells, so it should be avoided.

Working with a good real estate agent is a great way to maximize the selling price for your home. Contact me for more information about how I can help you improve the value of your Temecula, California home: (951) 473-0390