Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent when Purchasing Real Estate?

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If you are getting ready to buy a home, is it necessary to hire a buyer’s agent? Why would you want to use a buyer’s agent when purchasing real estate? In today’s video, I want to discuss this topic.

Navigating the Negotiations

When you break down a contract (the laws and the customs of real estate), there are a lot of nuances that a buyer’s agent can help you get through. It’s important to have professional support because you will be able to get through these things much faster than if you were doing everything on your own.

For example, consider contingency time frames. In the state of California, these time frames are not automatic. A buyer must actually physically sign off on these time frames. Once they do – it means that the deposit could be at risk. So, they may not get the deposit back if they end up canceling after they remove contingencies.

There is an art in working through these negotiations. It can be skillfully done by a buyer’s agent because they know what language to use, what forms to use, at what times to present the negotiations. These details can make-or-break a deal.

The Most Problematic Issues in the Transaction

Typically, inspection and loan contingencies are the most problematic aspects of a transaction. You really want a professional to help you navigate those challenges. Most of the time it can get a little messy. With the right techniques, tactics, and language, it’s easy to negotiate these details. But, if it goes south… then it can go bad really fast.

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