Rezoning of Temecula Wine Country into Citrus Vineyard

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Rezoning of Temecula Wine Country from Cale Thomas on Vimeo.

Temecula is known as a beautiful wine country area, which is why many people are interested in living in this part of Southern California. Recently some zoning changes have occurred, and residents are wondering how these zoning changes will impact the local area.

Rezoning in Temecula

The recent city changes have made it possible for some of the vineyard zonings to be changed into citrus vineyard, also known as CV zoning. The city has decided that they will allow corporate companies to come in to set up wineries in the area because they think that there will be limited competition for other industries such as weddings. The truth is that the wedding industry is a great supportive income, especially for new wineries that are coming into the area.

This change can have an impact on local homeowners who want to have events on their property. If their land isn’t big enough or they don’t meet the new citrus vineyard code, then it might hinder homeowners from having the events that they were planning.

The benefit to these changes is that it will open up opportunities for new businesses to come into the area. More jobs will be available, and the local economy will be boosted.

Changes to Improve Temecula

Often, these types of zoning changes can be very beneficial for the local community. It is easy to see why Temecula is such a great location to live, especially since the community is proactive to support the local growth and development to maintain the economy.

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