Should You Schedule a Pre-Inspection Before Selling Your Home?

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Everyone knows that it is essential to have a home inspection when buying a property. But, have you considered the idea of scheduling a pre-inspection before you sell a home? Here are a few reasons why you might think about an inspection before you list your property on the real estate market:

General Knowledge about Your House

Most homeowners know that there are small things that need to be repaired around the house, such as leaking faucets or areas that need to be re-caulked. Even if these things seem insignificant to you as the homeowner, the buyer’s inspector will view these items very differently.

Financial Benefits

It’s much less expensive to take care of the small repairs before you go into negotiations with a potential buyer. Since you have time available, you could hire a handyman to take care of small repairs. Taking a proactive approach will give you the opportunity to be picky about the contractors that are hired. You can shop around to find the best deal to maximize your ROI on the home improvements.

If you wait until you sell, then you will be under a tight deadline to finish everything before a certain date. In the situation where you are under contract, then the buyer’s agent will likely include a requirement that all repairs need to be made by a licensed contractor. As a result, you will end up spending more money on small handyman tasks that you could have completed on your own.

Integrity in Selling Your Home

Having a pre-inspection gives you the peace of mind to know that you are confident that the home is in good condition. During negotiations, you will be able to show up in a positive way since you are offering a quality property.

Plus, it can look great to the buyer if you choose to hand them a copy of the pre-purchase approval. It will show that you were proactive to prepare the property for the real estate market, and you can show all of the repairs that have already been made. This position reduces the likelihood that the buyers will be able to negotiate you down because the home needs repairs.

People don’t like uncertainty; they want to know that the home is ready for closing. These repairs will make it easier for you to sell your home faster and for more money.

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