My Growing Team: Providing Better Real Estate Services

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My team is growing! I’ve taken on new people lately, setting the intention to provide our clients with better service. We’ve been busy helping as many of our clients as possible. That’s why I’ve decided to bring in some additional team members. At first, the decision was difficult to make, since I place a high value on client relationships and quality of service.

Hiring the Right Team Members

One of my main concerns about hiring new team members was that I still wanted to have control over the sales, the negotiations, and the other customer service items that I typically provide to my clients. It’s how I like to conduct my business. Because of the growing workload and client care, it makes sense to bring on additional help.

The team is here to provide support to us with the smaller things: the time-consuming office and important paperwork tasks that need to be done. Having additional staff onsite is going to free me up to help better negotiate for you. By bringing on these new team members, I’ll be better able to serve you and to answer your questions as they arise.

It’s important for me to spend time with clients that come to me for answers. That’s ultimately why I decided to hire more help –so that I can have more time working directly with you instead of spending my valuable time in the back office.

What You Can Expect

This decision to surround myself with additional players is going to lead to more marketing, better exposure of your property, and faster turn-around times on paperwork. It should also give us the means to provide you a better overall service experience.

Going forward, if you have any mortgage and real estate service needs, feel free to reach out to my new team members or me. Real estate is our passion, and I never pass up a good conversation to discuss various aspects of the business. If you’d like to run an idea past me about mortgages, housing, investment properties or any other related ideas, call or text anytime at (951) 473-0390 or by email: [email protected].