Inventory Levels in Real Estate: Why It Matters for Home Buyers and Sellers

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Understanding inventory levels and their pivotal role in real estate prices can help you determine when is the right time to buy a house. Since the 2008 real estate meltdown, the market has experienced notable shifts in supply and demand.

Let’s explore why inventory levels matter and how we can use this information to navigate real estate investments.

The Post-2008 Landscape: Builders’ Caution and Population Growth

After 2008, builders have proceeded with caution. They are hesitant about constructing homes to meet the full demand because they want to protect their investments. Because of this cautionary approach, limited inventory calls for high demand and increased prices.

Housing inventory cannot keep up with population growth. This means that several families are competing for one home, driving the housing prices up.

Scarcity Breeds Price Surges

When there aren’t enough homes on the market to fulfill eager buyers, scarcity comes into play. This housing scarcity leads to a surge in housing prices.

Limited supply intersects with high demand, resulting in higher housing prices for those looking to buy. Is this going to change anytime soon? Probably not.

Temecula: A Case in Point

Back in 2008, the average number of homes on the market in Temecula was 1700. This vibrant city was booming, with residents ready to settle and grow their families. Many families are looking to buy in Temecula today, but now there are around 180 homes for sale on a given day.

Close to 1/10th of inventory is available, leading to competitive pricing, multiple offers, and many people choosing just to stay put and not invest in a new home after all.

Limited Inventory for Years to Come

The inventory dilemma is here to stay. If you’re patiently waiting for a drop in housing prices, the current inventory levels don’t paint a promising picture. It might be time to explore alternative housing options and consider innovative strategies to secure your dream home in this competitive market.

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