History of Temecula: The Charming Benefits

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Are you thinking about moving to Temecula, California? There are many great features about this area for you to enjoy, and it is easy to see why Temecula is a hidden oasis in Southern California. The rich history of this charming area has developed it into the city that it is today.

It is said that the first white man to step foot in Temecula was Father Jan Norberto de Santiago, who first visited in October 1797. He recorded information about Temecula valley, and additional records were made by other people as well. Not much is known about the area in the 1800’s, because the fire from the San Francisco earthquake destroyed many of the records in 1906.

Temecula-old-town-signSettling in Temecula

Eventually, Temecula was settled by ranchers, and the area was passed from Mexican ownership and granted to Felix Valdex in 1845. Over time, the area began to slowly grow, with the introduction of a stage coach line that traveled to Temecula starting in 1858 and the first post office was established in 1859.

The area continued to grow over the years, but it wasn’t officially named a city until it was incorporated in 1989, and the citizens voted to name the area “Temecula.” Southern California was growing at the time, especially because of the completion of the I-15 corridor in the early 1980’s.

Since Temecula was incorporated, the city has become more developed and it is an idea place for people who are looking to get away from the busy lifestyle in Southern California. Temecula allows the convenience of being within driving distance of the major areas in the southern part of the state, but it is a quieter community that is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and overpopulation.

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