How Good are the Schools in Temecula?

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There are many factors that need to be considered before buying a home. In addition to the features of the home, people want to know about the community and schools that their children will be attending. There are certain areas in California that offer outstanding results in the public school system, and Temecula is rated near the top of the list.

California Public Schools Ratings

Answering at lessonIn California, the public schools receive Academic Performance Index (API) ratings, and these ratings are designed to provide the public with information about the progress of individual schools. This measurement of academic performance is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a school for your child.

The API ratings range from 200 to as high as 1000, and 800 is the statewide interim target for all schools. The growth of each school is measured by whether the school’s ratings are moving toward that goal or if the school has already surpassed that goal.

This API score is determined based on the entire population in the school, as well as subgroup scores based on disabilities, socioeconomic disadvantages, English learner status, and race.

Temecula School Rankings

When you look at the ratings for all 31 public schools in Temecula, you will see that all of the schools surpass the target goal of 800 with the exception of 3 schools, one of which fell just below the target with a score of 798. The highest API score in Temecula is 938, with many of the schools scoring in the high 800’s and low 900’s.

In comparison to the scores at other schools around the state, Temecula has a proven track record of academic success. The high quality public school system is one of the many advantages to living in Temecula.

Buying a Home in Temecula

Whether you are looking to buy a home in Temecula or you are a real estate agent with clients who are interested in the area, this information can be helpful when making the final decision.

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