Do You Need a Real Estate Agent to Help with the Purchase of a New Home?

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Are you thinking about buying a new home? Many potential home buyers think that they can walk into a new homes sales office and talk with the builder without a real estate agent. The problem is that if you start working with the builder to buy a new home, then you can no longer have the assistance of a real estate agent to help with the sale.

Cutting the Real Estate Agent Out of the Deal

Even if you have already been working with a real estate agent, don’t walk into a new home sales office without your agent. This step means that you won’t be able to have the support of your agent during the transaction.

By signing paperwork with the builder, they will deem you as their client. Typically, there is a clause that the builder will not work with any outside representation from that point forward.

Will the Price of the Home Go Up?

Some home buyers think that they will have to pay more money by working with a real estate agent when buying a new home. The truth is that the price will usually remain the same. Often, the builder will give the real estate agent a commission, also known as a co-op, for bringing in the client.

Keep Your Real Estate Agent By Your Side

Even though you are buying a new home, there are many advantages to having a real estate agent there to help. The agent can offer assistance to help with many things, including the negotiations for:

  • Flooring and finishes
  • Contract terms
  • Price
  • Warranty packages
  • Closing costs from the in-house lender
  • And more

These negotiations are done on behalf of the client. So, your real estate agent will work hard to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your home purchase.

You don’t want to be on your own dealing with the builder! Talk with your real estate agent before visiting with a builder, so that you have the representation that you need for the negotiations and transaction. A real estate agent acts as a set of checks and balances, to look over the terms and make sure that you are getting a fair deal.

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