Why Do We Use CAR Forms?

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Let’s talk about why we use the California Association of Realtor forms. The legal forms will protect you as a landlord during the tenant/landlord agreement. The more extensive the contract, the better coverage you have if the unexpected occurs.

Certified by CAR Attorneys

When you use the CAR forms, you have the reassurance that attorneys look over the details of the contract with your best interest in mind. The attorneys have years of case studies that demonstrate what the forms need to include. They outline what’s acceptable in the rental agreement. And they also outline any violations that will break the agreement.

Housing is a multi-million dollar industry. When you enter the role of a landlord, you do not want to leave anything up to chance. The CAR forms ensure that if your tenant does not hold up to their side of the agreement, they will not be allowed to sue you for more money. You will be able to take swift action in removing them from your property and replacing them with a tenant who is goingwillthe rules of the contract.

Invest in a Rental Property

If you are hesitant about joining the landlord game, know that we have your back by using CAR forms to protect your property. The following worries will all be taken care of in the contract:

  • A tenant that does not pay the rent.
  • A tenant that destroys your property and abandons it.
  • A tenant that brings pets into the home that cause damage.
  • A tenant that paints or remodels the home before seeking approval.
  • A tenant that invites more people to live in the home than agreed upon.
  • A tenant that sublets your home for profit.

You do not have to be left guessing when you find a tenant for your property. Instead of hoping they are whom they say they are, know that we have you covered with CAR forms.

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