Tips for Move Up Buyers

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Today’s video is an important topic if you are thinking about upsizing your home. I talked to Bill Provost about a few important tips that should be used for move-up buyers. The real estate market is strong right now, which means that many people want to maximize their equity and move into a larger home. Follow these tips if you are preparing to make the move, helping you be competitive with the next real estate purchase.

Contingent Offers

If you are selling a home to buy another home, then it means that you will have a contingent offer. The most challenging type of contingent offer is when the home is not listed on the real estate market yet. This situation is the least desirable in a seller’s mind.

The next step up is also a challenge, when you have a contingent home to sell that is on the MLS, with the price and marketing in place. This gives the listing agent of your new home a feel for the amount of time that it will take to sell the property.

The best-case scenario is when the contingent home is already in escrow and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sellers want to know that there is a good chance that the transaction will go through. So, the closer you can get to this scenario, the better chance you will have that your offer will be accepted on another house.

Selling One House to Buy Another

It’s not unusual that there are many people looking to sell one house so that they can buy the next one. But, it is essential that you have an experienced real estate agent and mortgage lender to ensure that you are doing it right to maximize your chances for getting the home that you desire.

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