Rent Control in Temecula?

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Is rent control a thing in Temecula? This is a question that I hear a lot from my clients and friends. For those people who don’t know what rent control is – it is a government program that puts a ceiling on how much a property owner can increase the rent price when renewing a rental lease.

Assembly Bill 1482 Limits Rent Increases for Some Landlords

The short answer is that there is no city-wide rent control. But Assembly Bill 1482 outlines that “A landlord who is a corporation or LLC cannot raise rent more than 5% plus CPI, to a maximum of 10%.”

For example, they can raise 5% as a base. Then, if CPI is 3.8%, the they can raise it up to a total of 8.8% for that year. Now, I will say this: if it is a private person that owns the property, such as a husband and wife and they own one rental property, they are not under these regulations. They can raise rent as much as they would like – as much as the market will pay them.

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