Seller Leasebacks: How Do They Work?

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Can you relate: You’re selling your home and you don’t know where you are going to go, and you don’t know how long it’s going to take to find that place. It can be a bit overwhelming to be in this middle space. A seller leaseback might be an option.

What is a Seller Leaseback?

A seller leaseback is a standard form that we have in our real estate forms. We can negotiate for you to remain in the house after the close of escrow. This offers a few benefits:

  • Financial Strategy: You will have cash in hand and still have a place to live for a while, giving you time to find a replacement home.
  • Transition Time: Even if you find a replacement home while you are in escrow with the home that you are selling, you may need some transition time. You might need to make repairs on the new house or need some flexibility when transferring from one home to the next.

A seller leaseback is the proper way to help with your timeline. We can negotiate all of this upfront, before the buyer and seller even go under contract and into escrow.

Talk to a Real Estate Expert About Your Options

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