Must-Dos Before Your 12-Month Builder’s Warranty Expires

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Buying a newly constructed home is an exciting milestone. You are the first person to live in the home and really have a chance to make it your own.

Day-to-day life in a new home makes you notice imperfections and possible building mistakes that you may not have noticed during the final walkthrough. Take advantage of your builder’s warranty and fix the house to your liking. In fact, as the 12-month mark approaches, make a thorough list of anything you want checked out by the builder.

Connect with Your Builder

Most builders offer a “fit and finish” guarantee after completing the new build. This allows you to contact them with any problems you notice during the first year.

Take advantage of this offer! Do not be afraid to bring up any issues, no matter how minimal they are. The builder will be happy to stand by their work and make it right. They’re responsible for repairing defects or issues arising within the first year of homeownership.

Do a Full Evaluation Toward the End of the Warranty

As you approach the 10 or 11-month mark, it’s time to be proactive. Take the time to walk through your home and make a comprehensive list of anything that needs fixing under the warranty.

Once you have your list, schedule an appointment with your builder to address these concerns before your warranty expires.

Consider a Professional Home Inspection

In addition, it may be sensible to schedule an appointment with a home inspector to spot any structural issues you wouldn’t recognize yourself. This small investment can provide a detailed overview of your home’s condition.

An inspector will focus on potentially pricey systems like electrical, plumbing, and even framing errors. This proactive measure could save you thousands as the problems are fixed under the builder’s warranty.

Make That Appointment

It’s never a bad idea to look into the condition of your new home before the one-year builder warranty. Then you can take full advantage of living in a new home with its perks.

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