Interest Rates Rising: Should You Be Concerned?

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The Feds have been vocal about increasing interest rates. The rates are higher now compared to a few years ago, and it’s possible that we will continue to see an increase in interest rates with time.

How Interest Rates Affect Your Mortgage Payment

What does a higher interest rate mean for your housing paying? It’s roughly $10,000. The rule of thumb is that if rates go up by a quarter point, it is going to affect your buying power by about $10,000. This change means that you can buy $10,000 less on the price of your new home.

However, if the home market fails to decline at least $10,000 and your rates go up by a quarter point, you may have been better off buying at a lower rate rather than waiting for a future decline in price and having rates go down.

Something to Think About

If you are waiting for prices to decrease before you buy, then prices need to decrease by $10,000 for every rate hike that we see. If the prices don’t come down enough in that timeframe, then you actually may be paying more for the home in the future even if the prices come down slightly. You need to calculate the amount of interest that will be paid over time, instead of only looking at the selling price of the home.

Long Term Strategy

While it is important to think about the timing of buying a home, you can’t predict the way the real estate market will change in the future. The best solution is to think about the long-term strategy: your goal to have the home paid in full so that you can enjoy a mortgage-free lifestyle in retirement.

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