Why Temecula is a Great Location to Buy a Home

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Over the years, Orange County has grown and expanded, which has resulted in an increase in the price of real estate and more congestion in the bigger cities. An alternative option is to consider real estate in Temecula, and you will find several advantages to this area:

  • Cheaper Cost of Living: The real estate prices are much lower than other areas in Orange County, allowing a home buyer to get a bigger home at a lower cost.
  • Family Friendly: Because it is a quieter area, Temecula is a great location to raise a family. The schools offer high quality education for your children, and the neighborhoods are safer than some of the bigger cities in Southern California.
  • Lower Population: Are you tired of sitting in traffic every day as you are navigating the busy cities throughout Orange County? Temecula is a great solution, because it has a lower population and less congestion.
  • Natural Beauty: Temecula is wine country, offering beautiful views and plenty of fun outdoor activities. You will find rolling hills covered with vineyards and beautiful mountain scenery.

Partnering with a Real Estate Agent Who Knows the Areaballoons in Temecula

Are you are real estate agent in Orange County, CA who groans every time a client mentions that they want to look at properties in surrounding areas? There are some beautiful cities outside of the hustle-and-bustle of the main Orange County area, but it can be hard to manage clients who want to look at properties in these surrounding areas.

In fact, I’ve talked with many real estate agents who simply decline the opportunity to work with clients who are looking for a home in Temecula. Instead of missing out on the commission or wasting your time driving back and forth, talk with me and I can help out.

As a real estate agent based in Temecula, I am familiar with the area and the housing industry. I offer a referral program to out of area realtors that creates a winning situation for you and your client!  I would love to partner with you so contact me to learn more.