Promoting Listings on Facebook

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Facebook is a popular social media platform where you can connect with people from all over the world. Today, we are going to look at the option for promoting listings on Facebook. Is this an effective way to get more visibility for your home listing?

Understanding Facebook Algorithms

If you want to be successful with a Facebook promotion, then you need to understand how the algorithms work. For example, a business page promoting a home for sale will have a lower rank than a personal profile showing ongoing updates with the activities that are happening daily.

So, if you own a small business, you should understand that when you post something on your business page, then you at least want to share it on your personal page. Even better, use target marketing through Facebook to get the exact demographic that you want. This strategy also helps you cut out people you don’t want to target.

Using Facebook Campaigns

The way to use this strategy is by implementing a campaign inside Facebook to “boost” your post to a targeted audience. You can spend as little as $20 to boost that post and increase visibility. The reach of that post could cover as many as 10x the number of people you would have reached by not boosting the post.

I would suggest that boosting your Facebook posting is something to consider when marketing yourself online using Facebook. This strategy can be used to promote your real estate listing or to share any other business posts that need more visibility.

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