Menifee – The Biggest City in the Valley?

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Menifee is set to be the biggest city in the Valley. As a member of Menifee Masters, we met with the city to find out what to expect from the booming area of Menifee. As real estate experts, we were able to ask questions about the upcoming real estate opportunities surrounding the area.

What Menifee Has to Offer

The new city has big goals to reach a grand population and has housing development plans in motion to make that happen. The new homes will attract thousands of people and build up a revived city in a prime area of real estate. Here are some of the goals for the city:

  • To reach a population of 160,000 people
  • To build over 20 new-home developments, boasting far more than any surrounding cities

The developments are already in the works, and the builders are ready to make the city goals realized. Menifee will quickly rise in population to match Temecula and Murrieta and surpass them in the long run. This is a hot city that cannot be passed over if you are into real estate trends and booming opportunities.

Why Now Is the Time to Buy in Menifee

With current housing prices slightly lower than the Temecula area, Menifee is a great place to buy because of the plans to grow and thrive. The 20+ new communities in development will attract a whole new generation of Menifee residents. When you join a neighborhood from the beginning, you feel the community bonding as your family connects with other new families, and you all build up your neighborhood together. And housing prices will only increase as the communities become more established.

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You can buy in the Menifee area today and own a home near Temecula before prices climb, and the city proves its new reign as the largest city in the Valley. Do not hesitate to make your move and purchase the home of your dreams in an area that you will love.

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