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It is vital in the real estate business and all businesses to have several customer reviews available. Finding a new company is difficult, but it’s made easier when you have real-person reviews that back up the company’s reputation. We would love for you to take a minute and leave a review on Yelp for Elite Properties Direct.

For extra motivation, we are giving out $10 Amazon gift cards to all those who leave a review. Your stamp of approval means so much to us. Find us on Yelp, leave a review, and take a screenshot. Email the screenshot to me, and you will receive an Amazon gift card to show our appreciation for you. We value our customers and love the community we have created over the years.

Community Networking to Lift Each Other Up

The best part of networking in your small community is the opportunity it gives you to promote other businesses as you’re building up your own business. There is room for everyone. As we grow relationships with fellow small businesses in Temecula, we have found great opportunities to cross-promote each other’s businesses along the way.

Here’s how you can support your local businesses:

  • Leave reviews on Yelp, Google, etc.
  • Tell your friends about your great experiences.
  • Recommend businesses through your neighborhood Facebook pages.
  • Post on social media about positive business interactions, tagging the business page.
  • Ask how you can become promotional partners with our business.

The best way to give back to a quality small business that you love is through sharing your top-notch experience with the company. Taking a few moments to leave a review and putting a face to a satisfied customer is invaluable to the small businesses in your community.

Expert Real Estate Advice

For all real estate needs in the Temecula area, do not hesitate to contact our office. We can answer any questions regarding the local real estate market and if you should sell now or wait for the summer. My name is Cale Thomas, and you can reach me through text or phone at (951) 473-0390. Or you can always email at [email protected].