The Front Yard – Setting a Good Impression for Potential Buyers

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The Front Yard_ The Handshake to Your Home from Cale Thomas on Vimeo.

Are you setting a good impression when someone comes to tour the property? Whether you are trying to rent or sell the home, it is essential that you put some effort in to create the right impression with the front yard. The quality of your yard should be viewed as a “handshake” to invite visitors into your home.

What Impression are You Setting?

You only have one chance to set the first impression. What will others notice when they come to your curb? Create a beautiful yard so that you can build a good mindset when people walk through the rest of your home.

A poor quality front yard can drag down the impression that is set for visitors. Even if someone likes the inside of the home, their opinion might be tainted by a front yard that is in disrepair. Either the person will look for another property. Or, they will negotiate thousands of dollars off of the price because of the money that needs to be spent to clean up the yard.

How to Improve Your Front Yard

Here is a quick to-do list that will help to improve the quality of your front yard:

  • Remove dead, old plants and bushes
  • Add new greenery and flowers
  • Get rid of garbage and toys in the yard
  • Sweep and wash the concrete
  • Place furniture to make the patio look inviting

It is important that all areas of the yard are neat, clean, and welcoming to guests. Walk around your home to identify anything that might be out of place. If you need assistance with cleaning up the yard, then you might hire the services of a landscaper to help.

The picture of your home will show on every marketing and real estate website. It is the first thing that people see, which means that the photo could impact their opinion of the listing.

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