The Front Yard Is the First Thing Buyers See

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Think of your front yard as the first handshake to your home. Do people feel a big warm hug and welcome, or do they feel dread like they are walking into a money pit?

Even if a buyer walks inside and loves everything they see, the front yard could be why they do not put an offer on the house. If cosmetic issues are inside the home, the homeowner has time to fix the problems.

But if the issue is on the exterior, it moves to the top of the list if they want to make a good impression in the neighborhood. Upfront costs to fix up the front yard could be too overwhelming for a new homeowner.

How to Present the Front Yard

If you are not a yard person, take notes on how the yard should look as you show it to potential buyers.

  • Trim up old plants.
  • Add some color with new flowers.
  • Make the area look clean and inviting.
  • Paint an old, beat-up fence.
  • Be sure there are no cracks on the pavement that could cause tripping.
  • Sweep up leaves and debris.
  • Remove all weeds.

Think about it this way. The front of your home is the picture posted on every marketing website to advertise your home for sale. If the picture does not show your home to its full potential, many buyers will overlook it and never even step inside.

Neglecting to fix up the yard could save you thousands of dollars in the negotiation stages. In fact, it could keep you from selling your house altogether. Put in the time and small amount of money to fix up your yard to boost your chances of selling your home for the price you want.

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