Is It Time to Move Out of California?

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Many homeowners are moving out of state at a higher rate than ever before. As remote work becomes more common, families are ready for a change. Many move to nearby states like Tennessee, Arizona, and Idaho.

That does not mean that everyone is leaving. For all the homeowners leaving California, the homes are being filled with new families looking for a change themselves by settling here in Temecula.

Whether you are moving from California or moving to California, finding a home out of state can feel overwhelming. We want to provide some tips for finding the right neighborhoods while looking online from afar.

3 Tips for Moving Out of State

If you do not have boots on the ground when looking for a house, use your research skills to investigate important aspects of a good neighborhood. These statistics will also help your home retain its value and even grow in value over the years. In addition, if your company is not paying for your move, be aware of scammers that prey on families moving across the country.

  1. Schools – Even if you do not have kids, seek out neighborhoods with good schools. These homes are coveted when it’s time for resale, ensuring your home will always appreciate.
  2. Crime Stats – Use the FBI website to research the safety of the area, including the nearby metropolitan areas. You can even look up nearby sex offenders on a map made public online.
  3. Moving Costs – Be ready to pay big money toward moving costs. When you are loading up your whole home to move across a few states, it will cost thousands of dollars. If you find a moving company that charges much less than competitors, it’s a red flag. Many scammers hike up fees during the process, holding your belongings hostage.

Once you are ready to move, meet with a real estate agent to help you sell your home in California. You will be more prepared to buy in your new area with an exact budget.

If you are ready to sell your home in Temecula, let me help. We can get you the maximum return on your investment. Get expert advice about moving out of state from an experienced real estate professional when you contact me by text, phone, or email at (951) 473-0390 or [email protected].