Newer Versus Older: What to Consider Before Buying Your Next Home

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If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ve probably spent time thinking about what exactly you want from it. Do you want a modern home with the latest in architecture and technology? Do you want a proven home with story and maturity?  Before buying a newer or older home, here are a few things to think about:

Buying an Older Home

Some people want to live in a home in a more mature area. They want a home with mature trees and architectural stylings of days past. They want to live in a home that provides a feeling that the place has a bit of character. Most people who want a mature home are generally those who either want to protect its historical nature, or to update the home while preserving its story and charm.

Buying a Newer Home

In contrast, new homes can have state of the art appliances, energy-efficient features, and things that developers couldn’t have dreamed of even 30 years ago. However, with a new home, there are some things to consider. Usually, the taxes are higher, and the cost of the home is more. Because new homes tend to be more energy-efficient, they may provide an offset of savings by lowering your energy bill significantly. It’s a good idea to do your math ahead of time. Something else to consider is that the newer home could have all the latest and greatest if you’re willing to put some time and money into the project.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the decision is yours to determine what fits your personality more. Are you someone that wants state of the art appliances and a home that does not require much maintenance? Or, are you someone that may want to put your own stamp on the house, making an older home ideal for your custom remodel preferences?

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