Marketing During a Pandemic

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Because of Covid-19, there are limits when it comes to touring multiple homes. Many sellers don’t want dozens of families walking through their homes each week. A tool that is being highly utilized right now is 3D tours.

What is a 3D Tour?

When you see a 3D tour option on a home, it can be beneficial for a few reasons.

  1. By “walking through” virtually, you get a better idea of the layout of the home. You can tell if the master bedroom is upstairs. You can see if the bedrooms are too close together. It will show how open the floor plan is and how it may feel with the high ceilings.
  2. With 3D Tours, you can move the camera up to see the ceilings and down to take a look at the floors. You can see what is to the left and to the right. It can be a great alternative to seeing the house in person.

Using 3D Tours to Narrow It Down

Using this 3D Tour feature helps you see which homes are not worth walking through and exposing yourself to potential germs inside the house. You will still want to see your very favorite homes in person. It is vital to see closets and storage areas, windows that might be fogged, and little imperfections that do not show up in pictures. 3D tours will help you narrow down the number to three or four, rather than walking through a dozen or more homes.

Safety Measures

We still contact families to leave so that their homes can be shown. And there are safety precautions in place, including wearing a mask, hand sanitizer at all entrances, and booties if preferred. We take care not to touch anything and respect the home of the current owner.

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