Housing Projections and Money Flows

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Did you know that changes in the US and international money flow can affect housing projections? Today we are looking at some of the money flow patterns that are impacting our local housing prices and inventory.

Money Flow from Outside Sources

One interesting trend is the money flow that is coming from other countries, such as China, and being invested in high-end real estate. What does this trend mean for us?

These trends are a good sign to show that we have liquidity here in our real estate market. As a result, it doesn’t seem like our prices are in danger of going down. Since there is a demand for US real estate, it shows that the market is strong and the demand is anticipated to continue for a while.

There are other uncertainties in other investments, such as the stock market. But, real estate offers a safe haven that investors like to use to protect their financial assets. Seeing the real estate investments from foreign buyers is great news for those of us wondering if housing is going to maintain its value.

Another Factor Contributing to the Strength of Real Estate Investments

The Philadelphia Housing Index has seen an increase in value. In one month alone, it showed a 13% increase! This signal suggests that housing construction is going up in the United States right now.

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