Homeowner’s Associations

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What is a homeowner’s association or HOA? It is a governing body that sets rules and regulations for all homeowners within a neighborhood or development. So are homeowner’s associations good or bad? They are what they are. Sometimes they offer benefits, and other times set limitations that may not suit your needs.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Homeowner’s Associations?

Some homeowners feel strongly about either buying a home with an HOA, while others want the freedom of living in a home without an HOA. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons and what may be the best option for you.


The goal of an HOA is to preserve the value of the homes in the neighborhood. When an HOA is in place, each homeowner agrees on specific rules to follow. Here are some pros:

  • HOA neighborhood events like Easter egg hunts, back-to-school parties, and holiday celebrations
  • A neighborhood pool and/or park
  • Well-maintained yards
  • Homes that are uniform in color and style
  • No junk in the front yard

You can imagine how some of these points may be a draw in securing a home with an HOA agreement. When each homeowner agrees upon a list of regulations, the neighbors do not have to have one-on-one confrontations about the upkeep of the neighborhood.


Along with any list of benefits comes a list of disadvantages. Not everyone wants to live in a neighborhood with an HOA, and they usually have a good reason:

  • HOA fees: Why should you pay a fee for a neighborhood pool if you have a pool in your backyard? Other homeowners feel frustrated with their lack of say in the increase of fees from year to year.
  • Rules that Do Not Fit Your Lifestyle: While many of the regulations may aim to preserve the value of the neighborhood, some are not in line with what you want to do on your own property. For example, RV parking may not be allowed in some HOA rules. Also, a basketball hoop in the front yard is a common HOA rule that may seem frivolous to you. Maybe you want to paint your house a magenta purple, and you do not want an HOA limiting your choices.

Whether you are looking for a home with or without an HOA in Temecula, I can help you find the property you are seeking. First, make a list of your top priorities, and then send me a text, email, or call at (951) 473-0390 or [email protected].