Getting a Pre-Inspection Before Selling a Home

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Most sellers agree that the most stressful time is when the home inspection needs to be completed. During the selling process, the buyer has the opportunity to complete an inspection of the property before closing on the deal. Usually, the buyer will come into the home with an independent home inspector. The goal of the inspector is to pick apart the house to identify if any problems need to be addressed.

What Happens During the Home Inspection?

This inspection is typically the experience that stresses out the sellers the most. It is uncomfortable to have the unknown of a potential issue with the property. The inspection could put the seller in a difficult situation if there are repairs that need to be done. Often, these repairs need to be completed promptly, and they could be quite expensive to meet the demands of the buyer.

During this time, the buyer also has the option to take back some of the control of the escrow. It is possible that the buyer might want to re-negotiate due to the condition of the home.

Solve the Problem with a Pre-Inspection

If you want to avoid this stress and the unexpected problems, then you might consider the benefit of a pre-inspection. You can hire an independent inspector to come to your house before you list the property on the real estate market. Then, you will know about all of the quirks of the property.

Knowing the information in advance will give you the opportunity to price out the repairs with several different vendors. Not only will you save money on the repair work, but you won’t be under a tight deadline to meet the demands of the buyers.

A pre-inspection can also help you to price the home appropriately. In the situation where there is a problem that you don’t want to fix, you can be upfront about the repair so that it can be negotiated before going into contract.

Keeping Escrow on Track

A pre-inspection can also be beneficial to keep your home escrow on track. Minor problems could cause a delay in the escrow… but major problems could kill the escrow altogether. So, it is better to know in advance so that you can avoid these issues.

Having more information about your home upfront will put you in a better position when you are negotiating with the buyer. For more information, you are welcome to call, text, or send me an email: (951) 473-0390 or [email protected]