The Best Strategies to Add Value to Your Home

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The value of your home has a direct impact on the equity that you can roll into a new property when you decide to move. Are you taking a proactive approach to maintaining or increasing the value of your home? Here are a few effective steps that can be used to boost property value:

  • Painting: It is fairly inexpensive to paint the interior of the home, and at the same time a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to improving the appearance.
  • Add Square Footage: Buyers are always looking at the numbers, and square footage matters. Remember that properties are valued on a price per square foot basis. So an addition that increases the square footage of the property might be a great investment.
  • Kitchen Remodel: If you want to remodel your house and get money back out, the kitchen should be the focus of your efforts. Buyers often put a lot of weight on the quality of the kitchen.
  • New Flooring: Upgrading the flooring can give the property a fresh look and update the style in all of the rooms.

Why Upgrade Before Selling?

One common question that I hear is: Why should I invest in these upgrades if I am planning to sell? The buyers might want to change it after they move in. Even though it may be true that changes will be made, you need to keep in mind that you are selling a feeling. The goal is to create a space where buyers walk in and feel comfortable and clean. These types of renovations make the property feel “right” to potential buyers. As a result, buyers will pay more money for the home because they don’t think that they have to do anything right away.

Buyers often buy on emotion, not logic! So, you need to create the right emotions when people come to tour your home. If you make the home look neutral, fresh, and clean, then you will attract people who are ready to buy.

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