Professional Photography: Why Do You Need It?

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Is a professional photographer really necessary for your rental property? The truth is that you are competing with investors and other landlords to bring in the best tenants for your property. So how can you stand out from the rest?

If you want to attract well-qualified candidates, you will need to up your game by professionally representing your rental property. This includes showing high resolutions photos and videos.

3 Tips for Photos for Your Rental Property

We live in a high-tech era where people are used to seeing high-quality media. For example, even when they scroll through Instagram, a lot of the pictures are taken with professional cameras. If your potential tenant is used to seeing the top quality in photos, they will judge your property poorly if you do not represent the same level of professionalism.

Take these tips into consideration:

  • Use a Professional Camera: Phone cameras are improving, but they are nothing compared to a professional lens camera. Take photos and see the difference for yourself.
  • Maximize Natural Lighting: Fill the home with natural light before snapping photos to show how warm and inviting your home is. A bright home also looks newer and cleaner.
  • Include Videos: You are immersed in videos every day, allowing you to picture yourself in a faraway country or inside a cool venue. So why not invite your potential tenants inside with a virtual tour? And make it modern by speeding it up and putting it to music, similar to an Instagram reel. They will be able to get a real sense of what you’re trying to sell.

Think about how much income you will create for yourself by securing a tenant for one year. For example, you can invest in a professional photographer when you understand the asset it is helping you obtain. Put out the quality in order to get it back in a dream tenant.

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