Local Business Collaboration: Let’s Be Referral Partners

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As a small business owner, it is a great asset to be connected in the community with other small businesses with extensive outreach with many potential customers. Our clients are constantly asking for referrals for contractors, interior designers, plumbers, painters, restaurants, salons, and many more. We have a relationship of trust with our clients and have the opportunity to share small business recommendations. It is invaluable to partner with a real estate agency.

What Is a Referral Partner?

A referral partner is a collaboration created by agreeing to cross-promote each other’s businesses. As we pass out your business cards to our clients asking for small business goods and services in the area, you can extend a good review of our business as well. When we work together to show community support, we will only benefit each other.

A great example of a referral partner relationship is if we were to sell a home to a family new to the area. If they are unfamiliar with what makes the city unique and exceptional, we would have the opportunity to suggest some of the small businesses in the area. When we’ve built a relationship with your small business, your company will be top-of-mind. We can tell them to be sure to check out the autobody shop down the road; the owners are honest and hard-working people. Or, we can rave about the brunch offered at a new restaurant in the city.

As opportunities come up for our agents to share about your small business, you will also find yourself recommending our company to new people looking to buy a home in the Valley. Let them know about the incredible reputation of Cale Thomas over at Elite Properties Direct. That’s how we can partner together to build up both of our businesses.

Contact Cale Thomas Today

If you own a small business in Temecula Valley, let us know about it! We would love to combine efforts in promoting each other’s businesses. We love our community and want to extend our reach and help other small businesses along the way. You can reach me by texting or calling: (951) 473-0390. I’m also available through email: [email protected].