How to Read Your Water Bill to Save Money

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July is a hot month, and it is likely that these summer temperatures are having an impact on your water bill. Have you noticed that you are spending more money because you are using more water in the yard? Here are a few tips to read your water bill so that you can manage your water usage and save money:

California Drought Impacts Your Water Bill

Everyone knows that we are in a drought right now, and these environmental factors have had a direct impact on water bills. These costs have increased drastically, leaving many homeowners wondering what they can do to reduce their monthly water expenses.

Since the costs are increasing, it is important that you learn how to read your water bill to know the way the costs are accumulating throughout the month.

Water Bill Tiers

The water bills are setup with tiers, depending on the amount of water that is used. Everyone starts on tier 1, which is the lowest rate for water usage. Tier 2 is a little more expensive, and the costs continue to increase through tier 4. Watch the video in this blog post to see details about the costs for each of these tiers. Understand that these costs can change with time.

You can look at the bill to see what the monthly consumption is for each of these tiers, helping you to see if you are using more water than you need. Since these tiers are divided into “indoor” and “outdoor” categories, you can identify where the water is being used.

These costs increase with more water usage because the water is being brought in from Northern California to Southern California. The added costs are passed onto the consumer, which means that everyone is paying more for their water.

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