OC Realtors: Are You Throwing Away Commissions?

When your focus is on listing and selling properties in Orange County, it’s easy to get frustrated when you come across buyers who are out-priced by the Orange County market. Sometimes your hands are tied and there just isn’t a suitable property for people in that $300-400k price range.

Temecula, as you may already know, offers far lower costs per square foot, making it far more feasible for buyers to find high quality construction, desirable neighborhoods, and excellent schools all for under $400,000.

I understand that you probably have very little desire to be driving back and forth between Orange County and Temecula in an effort to find your clients a property that is far below your normal sales price. And that’s where our Partner Referral Program can benefit you in many ways…

  • Maintain your client relationship
  • Earn a 30% referral fee
  • We do the work for you

It’s truly a win-win-win. Check out my video below for more information: