The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do BEFORE Buying a Home

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If you are preparing to buy a home, then there are a few things that you can do to get ready for the purchase. Planning ahead will ensure that you are ready to buy the home of your dreams! You can start preparing up to 12 months in advance so that you are ready to move when the timing is right. Follow these tips:

Improve Your Credit Score

Don’t overlook the importance of having a good credit score. Credit can (and will!) affect your interest rate and the monthly payment that you will need to manage. In fact, credit is one of the biggest variables when you are getting pre-approved. Your credit score will make a significant difference on the financing that is available for your home purchase.

It can be hard to fix your credit if you don’t know the current situation. Your mortgage provider can pull the information and provide recommendations if anything needs to be addressed.

Cleaning Up the Credit Report

Look for ways to clean up issues that show up on the credit report: old collections, an account that was opened in your name, or high credit card balances. These things happen frequently, so you need to get the credit report pulled early to know what you are dealing with.

Give yourself time to address any potential issues that are discovered. If you are facing problems that could block your ability to get the financing that is needed, then talk to me for recommendations about someone who can help with the repair work for your credit score.

Personalized Recommendations from a Real Estate Agent

If you need recommendations about fixing your credit score or saving for a down payment, then I am always here to offer personalized advice. My goal is to help you with the purchase of the home of your dreams! You are invited to call, text or email if you need assistance with buying or selling a home. It is essential that you have a real estate professional by your side to help with the preparation and details: (951) 473-0390 or [email protected]