10 Reasons to Move to Temecula

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Are you thinking about moving to Temecula? If you are on the fence with your decision, then you should consider some of the advantages of living in this beautiful part of Southern California.

Here are some things that make Temecula an ideal place to live:Temecula

  1. Wine Country: If you enjoy visiting the vineyards, then you will love Temecula! This location is home to hundreds of vineyards.
  2. Comfortable Weather Year-Round: The weather is mild and comfortable throughout the year. January high temperatures average around 70 degrees, and June high temperatures average around 83 degrees.
  3. Recreation for the Family: Within the city of Temecula, there are 43 acres of playgrounds and school sports fields, as well as 116,500 square feet of recreational facilities.
  4. Casinos: Pechanga Resort and Casino is located in Temecula, which is the largest casino in the state of California. The casino boasts over 200,000 square feet of gaming floor, as well as a variety of shows and entertainment.
  5. Local Festivals: You will find a variety of annual festivals, including street painting, the Temecula Wine & Music festival, the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival, and the Temecula Wine and Balloon festival.
  6. Equestrian Activities: Horse lovers enjoy Temecula because of the equestrian events and the Temecula Valley Polo Club. It is fun and relaxing to enjoy an equestrian outing in the beautiful countryside of Temecula.
  7. Clean Air: Many areas in California suffer with poor air quality, but Temecula receives an “A” rating for clean air from the American Lung Association.
  8. Cultural History: The name “Temecula” is an aboriginal name. You can find hints of history and culture throughout the city.
  9. Golf Courses: If you want to enjoy a day on the golf course, then Temecula is a great location. The city offers seven golf courses within city boundaries, as well as 17 more golf courses within a driving distance of 20 miles.
  10. Children’s Museum: The Pennypickle’s Workshop is a great place to let kids explore and learn. This hands-on museum offers 7,500 square feet for children to explore, and it is filled with gadgets, inventions, and other interesting objects for kids.

As you can see, there are many advantages to living in Temecula! If you are interested in purchasing a home in this wonderful part of Southern California, or if you are an agent outside of Temecula with clients considering this area, then I invite you to contact me for more information: (951) 473-0390