We All Want to Know, When Is a Housing Crash Coming?

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Is the housing crash coming? And if so, when is it going to occur? I hear this question all the time! This is a topic that is being discussed throughout the country as families are facing high costs and rising interest rates for home purchases.

Real Estate Market Changes Aren’t Predictable

The difficult thing about this question is that there isn’t a set timeline when housing crashes occur. The marketplace doesn’t care that 10 – 15 years have gone by since we’ve had a crash. It really comes down to fundamentals.

The problem we are having right now (and I‘ve talked about this many times before) is inventory. We just don’t have enough homes to sell to meet the buy demand that is coming at us at the time.

Signs of the Market Slowing

What should we look for that could be an indication the market is slowing down?

If we see inventory start to build significantly, then it would be a good sign for a market slowdown. But at the moment, available homes are at about a quarter of the usual inventory, which is extremely low.

Additionally, if interest rates keep rising at a rapid pace (1 – 2% higher than where we are right now), then it could create conditions that cool the housing market a bit.

It Probably Won’t Slow Down in the Near Future

In the meantime, I don’t see any obvious reasons why the market will be slowing down in the near future. We are still seeing a high demand for the properties that come up for sale in the local market.

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